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A car accident can be very dangerous, resulting in potentially serious injuries. For example, it’s common for people to suffer broken bones because of the impact. If, however, you escape the crash without any serious injuries you should still get yourself examined by both a medical doctor and chiropractor. This will help protect you from the effects of whiplash. Let’s take a closer look at what whiplash is and the techniques that a car accident chiropractor might use to help you overcome it.

Before we discuss treatment options, let’s look at what whiplash is. When you’re in a car crash the force of the impact might cause your head to violently move from side to side. This sudden movement can cause damage to your soft tissues damaging nerves and tendons. After an accident, many people don’t experience the symptoms associated with whiplash because of the adrenaline rush which covers up the pain. After a few days though, you might notice these symptoms beginning to emerge. For example, you might notice headaches or pain when moving your neck. These symptoms might indicate whiplash. Once detected, it’s essential that you contact a chiropractor. Untreated whiplash can cause serious long-term impacts. For example, untreated whiplash might contribute to mobility issues and chronic headaches. Now that we know a little more about what whiplash is and how it can negatively affect your health we can look at how a car accident chiropractor can help you treat whiplash.

Chiropractors can use multiple techniques to help treat whiplash. For example, they might manipulate your spine. This will help bring your spine back to its proper alignment, reducing your pain levels. They might also massage the affected areas. This can help restore tissues that might have been damaged. Another potential treatment option is active therapeutic movement. The therapist will provide you with a series of exercises, which will help increase your mobility. Another modern treatment is MLS laser therapy. This treatment works by sending laser signals under your skin, which promotes cell growth and reduces your pain. This method is completely painless and usually doesn’t take long. In addition, MLS laser therapy is completely safe and has been approved by FDA since 2009. Usually this is performed in conjunction with other forms of treatment. The chiropractor will consider how severe the patients’ injuries are when deciding what type of therapy they will provide.

Being in a car crash can be a traumatizing experience, causing both mental and physical damage. One of the most common types of injury is whiplash, which affects the soft tissue around your neck and shoulders. As we saw, there are a lot of negative long-term effects that may occur because of untreated whiplash. To prevent this, it’s recommended that you talk to a chiropractor after being involved in a car crash. We have spent years providing the best possible care to our patients to become the best chiropractor in Pompano Beach. So, if you think you might have whiplash, contact us today so we can discuss treatments that will reduce your pain

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