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Patient Testimonial

Listen to this lady explain how she feels after laser treatment at Appleton Chiropractic Center in Pompano Beach

Appleton Car Accident Treatment

Dr. Appleton of Appleton Chiropractic Center describes his treatment method for car accident victims. He is the most caring chiropractor in South Florida, with all the tools necessary for your rehabiltation.

Pompano Beach Acupuncture

Dr. Appleton discusses the benefits of acupuncture and how he incorporates it into his practice.

Appleton Chiropractic Center for Pain

Dr. Appleton explains why if you’re in a car accident or need pain management, you should visit his office.

Appleton Chiropractic Laser Therapy

Contact us today to experience our revolutionary pain treatment.

Appleton Testimonial (Vanessa)

Vanessa had a car accident a few months ago, here’s what she’s saying about how she feels after visiting Dr. Appleton Chiropractic.

Appleton Chiropractic Thanksgiving

We are thankful for the ability to help ALL our patients.

Dr. Appleton Chiropractic introduction

Dr. Appleton explains his approach to treatment and what makes him different.

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