For us to be able to move and have full range of motion, we need what’s called the ‘locomotor system’ and the musculoskeletal system to be working well. Unfortunately, when these components are affected by dysfunction or disease, we experience instability, pain, and discomfort. At Appleton Chiropractic Center, through chiropractic rehabilitation we aim to restore function and remove discomfort through advanced management and chiropractic techniques.

With chiropractic rehabilitation, we’ll use passive and active treatments to help restore some form of normality to your life. For example, one of the most common techniques is manipulation and we find this reduces activity intolerances (spinal disorders causing pain) without having to choose an invasive approach.

At Appleton Chiropractic Center, our specialists are always learning and willing to adapt their service depending on the latest findings within the industry (an example of this can be seen with the recent addition of MLS© laser therapy!). It’s important to note that muscles can work in different ways which is why a tailored treatment plan will be pivotal for your long-term health. While the upper trapezius can become overactivated, others like the lower/middle trapezius can weaken and become inhibited.

Through rehabilitation, we’ll aim to boost the effectiveness of adjustments so the whole locomotor system is in the right environment to thrive. When muscle imbalances are located, the adjustments can have a longer-lasting effect. Despite common misconceptions, you won’t be pushed to where you feel pained or uncomfortable; instead, we work in the ‘functional range’. With the right exercises, we can minimize the strain on osteoligamentous structures while also maximizing the contraction of muscle motor units.

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