Anyone who has ever suffered a whiplash injury will tell you how excruciatingly painful it can be. Treating whiplash with a Chiropractor is one of the best ways to treat whiplash symptoms and ease the pain. We are a Pompano Beach whiplash chiropractor who uses a combination of MLS laser therapy and the experienced services of a trained car accident chiropractor to get you back to normal in no time!

What Is Whiplash?

First of all, let’s cover the basics… What exactly is whiplash and how do you know if you have it? In it’s most simple form, whiplash is an injury to the neck that has been caused by a sudden sharp jolt. Usually, whiplash is caused by a car incident – often a minor one. So treating whiplash with a chiropractor is common sense.

Whiplash can be anything from a twinge when you turn your neck to a full-on, movement impeding muscle spasm that ends in a tension headache. Whiplash happens because the muscles and soft tissues in the neck have become sprained or strained. The muscles often contract to protect themselves and then take weeks or even months to straighten out again. This article from Live Science can actually explain in more depth what happens to cause this painful injury.

According to Rush, some 2 million Americans annually suffer a whiplash injury, meaning there is a high chance you will suffer whiplash at some point in your life. If you ever find yourself wondering if you should go to a chiropractor after a car accident the answer is a resounding yes. Search for a car accident chiropractor or whiplash chiropractor near me on the internet and get treated.

… Or you could just trust the top Pompano Beach Whiplash Chiropractor here at Appleton Chiropractic Center to get you back on the mend, fast!

What Are The Symptoms Of Whiplash?

Most of the incidences of whiplash in the USA are caused by rear-end collisions in traffic. The symptoms of whiplash caused by rear-end collisions are as follows:

  • Neck pain, stiffness, and tenderness.
  • Muscle spasms, twitches and aching.
  • Tension headaches caused by the constant pain in the neck.
  • Difficulty moving your head or neck.

You can read more about the symptoms of whiplash caused by rear-end collision courtesy of the NHS. More extreme whiplash symptoms include dizziness, pins and needles through the limbs, memory loss, irritability, poor concentration – and it gets even worse.

Does Whiplash Go Away By Itself?

But what happens if whiplash goes untreated? Many people shrug it off as an irritation and hope whiplash goes away by itself. It might – but if you choose not to go to a chiropractor after a car accident the symptoms might not be all that is wrong with your brain!

This 2016 study from Elsevier (Science News) found conclusively that long term untreated whiplash injury can re-route the regions of the brain connected to pain and posture processing. Does whiplash go away by itself? Absolutely not. In fact, if you leave your problem and hope for the best you might even be worsening your whiplash injury, meaning your brain connects the wrong posture to pain sensors for the rest of your life!

Is It OK To Massage a Whiplash?

When you suffer from this debilitating injury the thing you want to do most is massage it – but is it OK to massage a whiplash? The answer is a little hazier than you might like.

If you want to massage that whiplash at home, alone, you may be making your condition worse as opposed to having a whiplash treatment that works. Massage for whiplash is actually an excellent treatment option – but only if it is carried out by a trained professional. You can get more help on home treatments courtesy of WikiHow; but we do recommend you type ‘chiropractor near me’ into the search bar in your internet window to get a choice of car accident chiropractors.

Massage for whiplash is a specialty of our car accident chiropractor here at Appleton Chiropractic Center!

How Long Will It Take To Recover From Whiplash?

Whether you have symptoms of whiplash from a rear-end collision or whether a chiropractor gave you whiplash(!) you will be desperate to know how long it will take to recover from whiplash. How long does whiplash last? Recovery times vary from days, to weeks, months to years. As the study we referenced above confirms; whiplash injury rewires your brain to create pain responses you didn’t have before. Whiplash does not go away on its own completely. Finding a whiplash chiropractor near you may be your best option.

According to one damming study in the US National Library of Medicine, 43% of the two million Americans who suffer from a whiplash injury every year will receive a long term injury. Don’t leave whiplash unchecked. Get it treated today with a Chiropractor near you. If you happen to need a Pompano Beach whiplash chiropractor then call the Appleton Chiropractic Center today, or visit our online page and book an appointment.

What is The Best Treatment For Whiplash?

A car accident chiropractor is trained in every type of technique needed and can advise you and figure out what is the best treatment for whiplash, for you. Whiplash treatment without involving a chiropractor is limited and involves pain medication, anti-inflammatory medication and a few other tips, some of which we listed for you here:

  • Use a supportive pillow – if you are wondering how to sleep with whiplash then a supportive pillow is part of the answer. Make sure it is firm and adjusted to your desired height.
  • Ice Pack – apply an ice pack to the affected area several times a day to reduce inflammation.
  • A warm compress – another tip for those wondering how to sleep with whiplash: a warm compress under the neck may help you doze off. Alternatively, a cooling pillow may do a similar thing.
  • Maintain good posture – since your brain is likely to connect posture to pain after a whiplash injury maintaining good posture is a safeguard against a future threat.

Although these common whiplash treatments might soothe the symptoms it will not solve the base problem. For those wondering how long does whiplash last? If you don’t use the whiplash treatments above then it might just last forever. You can read more about the common methods of treating whiplash via the NHS.

Can Chiropractors Help With Whiplash?

Many people contact us and ask “Can chiropractors help with whiplash?” – and the answer is always the same. Treating whiplash with a chiropractor is the best option available to ensure you heal properly. You do not need drugs or surgery to treat whiplash symptoms caused by rear-end collision. You simply go along to a consultation, choose your treatment plan and move forward without any invasive treatments.

If you don’t seek out a chiropractor and whiplash is left untreated the problem will gradually worsen over time. Seek out a consultation with us here at Appleton Chiropractic Center today and invest in the future of your health with our specialist Pompano Beach Whiplash chiropractor, today.

How To Cure Whiplash – Fast!

Those wanting to know how to cure whiplash fast will be delighted to know that car accident chiropractors offer a range of treatment options, all of which are drug and surgery free. Each whiplash injury is different, so your treatment plan will vary depending on factors like how long you have been suffering, how severe your pain is and how it impacts other areas of your life.

Wondering how to cure whiplash fast? You go to a reputable car accident chiropractor and work with them to get back to good health, ASAP!

Chiropractic Treatments for Whiplash

When you do finally book an appointment with your chiropractor, they will bring you in for a consultation. There is no need to be nervous (although if you have booked an appointment with one of our Pompano Beach whiplash chiropractors then this article can reassure you!) as there is nothing to worry about.

Your car accident chiropractor will offer a range of treatments that will help you recover from your whiplash injury. These treatments are all designed not only to alleviate the symptoms of whiplash from rear-end collision – but also to treat the root of the problem and stop any progress the injury has made. They can even reverse the effects on the brain stem if you begin treating whiplash with a chiropractor in good time. This is why you should go to a chiropractor after a car accident.

Treating whiplash with a chiropractor may include:

  • Muscle and soft tissue manipulation – more commonly called massage. As we mentioned above, massage for whiplash works best when performed by a car accident chiropractor – and not just at home by your spouse. You may also hear muscle and soft tissue manipulation referred to as pressure point relief.
  • Muscle stimulation – or stretching. Different stretches performed by a professional Pompano Beach whiplash chiropractor allows the release of some of the contracted muscles in a gradual, controlled manner.
  • Soft Tissue Therapies – a soft tissue therapy helps to restore muscles to their former functioning glory. Trigger point therapy, stretch and resist exercises and muscle energy therapies may also be used.
  • The McKenzie exercises may be employed as part of treating whiplash with a chiropractor. These exercises are low energy, low pain ways to stretch out that muscle group safely. Most of them can be learned for you to perform safely at home. You can learn more about the MCKenzie Exercises courtesy of the McKenzie International Institute.

Remember – when you choose to treat your whiplash symptoms with a chiropractor you are guaranteed to find a whiplash treatment that works for you!

All of these whiplash treatments are great in their own way… but here at the Appleton Chiropractic Center, we have a little something more to offer. You can now cure whiplash fast by engaging with our state-of-the-art MLS Laser Therapy system – and be pain-free in only a few short sessions.

MLS Laser Therapy – A Whiplash Treatment That Works Fast!

We at the Appleton Chiropractic Center are delighted to announce you can now start treating whiplash with a chiropractor trained in the use of our new MLS Laser Therapy system. At our Pompano Beach chiropractic center, our whiplash chiropractor has mastered the art of combining our healing techniques, knowledge, and experience with this cutting edge technology, to bring you all the healing your body deserves.

If you are wondering what the best treatment for whiplash is then this might just be the answer you have been searching for! If you want to read more about how this fascinating technology works then please visit this article, from laser purveyor Light Force.

What is MLS Laser Therapy?

MLS Laser Therapy does not require drugs and does not need you to go through surgery. It is a method by which we use light beams capable of penetrating the soft tissues and muscles of your body in order to stimulate healing.

Rather like using sound wave technology, the MLS Laser Therapy offered by our car accident chiropractor is performed using a robotic ‘wand’ device. This wand is applied to the affected area of your whiplash injury. Low-frequency lasers are then pulsed through the muscles and soft tissue to provide effective relief from the symptoms of whiplash from rear-end collisions.

You should seek out a chiropractor after a car accident to assess the damage and see if MLS Laser Therapy is right for you. Most will agree that it is highly beneficial but not all will offer it. If you are still uncertain about what will happen to you during an MLS Laser Therapy session at our Pompano Beach whiplash chiropractic center then see this video we made to reassure our clients and promote better health.

Does MLS Laser Therapy For Whiplash Injury Work?

If you want to cure whiplash fast then MLS Laser Therapy makes a healthy whiplash treatment that speeds up the rate of recovery rather dramatically. Patients have reported incredible progress in treating their whiplash when MLS Laser Therapy has been part of their chiropractic treatment plan.

As this NCBI study shows, a locked multi-laser treatment system increased functional activity after six months of combined exercise and MLS Laser Therapy. The results are very different, with a huge reduction in pain and disability scores compared to those who used only exercise and massage for whiplash treatment.

This proves that MLS Laser Therapy is the best treatment for whiplash when used in conjunction with normal treatment methods prescribed by either your Doctor or your physical therapist. Seeing a chiropractor after a car accident can drastically improve how long whiplash lasts for and can even take months off of your whiplash recovery time.

With so many benefits there is no point sticking your head in the sand. Whiplash doesn’t go away by itself, so act now, book an appointment with Dr. Appleton, our Pompano Beach whiplash chiropractor, ask for MLS Laser Therapy as part of your treatment plan – and don’t be left in pain for the rest of your days!

The Benefits of MLS Laser Therapy

MLS Laser Therapy is the best way of treating whiplash with a chiropractor. Some of the benefits that it provides are as follows:

  1. It reduces pain, swelling, inflammation, and tenderness with absolutely no side effects whatsoever.
  2. It can be used soon after your accident to alleviate whiplash symptoms from rear-end collisions.
  3. It can treat both new and old whiplash injury, meaning you can go from the first day to ten years after your accident and still get the benefits.
  4. MLS Laser Therapy feels amazing! There is very little noticeable sensation and it can become an extremely relaxing experience.
  5. The treatment takes an average of five or ten minutes – so you can have MLS Laser Therapy at our Pompano Beach whiplash chiropractors done in your lunch break!
  6. It speeds recovery on a cellular level, reducing pain as inter-cellular structures are rebuilt.

Not only does MLS Laser Therapy feel good and speed up whiplash recovery times, it is also over pretty quickly, allowing you to get a whiplash treatment that works fast and be back to going about your day.

I Think A Chiropractor Gave Me Whiplash…

It is very unlikely that a reputable, trained, skilled chiropractor would hurt a client. The realignment of the body can sometimes cause a little pain after sessions as it heals, but this is an effective part of the healing process and will pass in time. If you do think that a chiropractor gave you whiplash then change your chiropractor immediately!

We provide a Pompano Beach whiplash chiropractor thoroughly trained in everything from massage to the latest in MLS Laser Therapy – which we will cover shortly. In the meantime, if you live in the Pompano Beach area and find yourself in need of a specialist car accident chiropractor give us a call! Especially if you think that a previous chiropractor gave you whiplash!

MLS Laser Therapy is actually the perfect treatment if a chiropractor has given you whiplash. Why? Because there is no need for the chiropractor to physically touch you during the session. It is not hands-on, as an alignment or muscle manipulation or stimulation might be. Massage for whiplash is wonderful – but MLS Laser Therapy is even better!

Finding A Chiropractor Near You

To find a car accident chiropractor near you all you need to do is search

“find a chiropractor near me”

In your internet address bar. This should provide you with a range of options.

We Love Pompano Beach!

Pompano Beach in Florida has been our home for over thirty years – and we love everything about our city. Our clients frequent places like the Greg Norman Signature Pines Golf Course, the Curtain Call Playhouse and shop at the Hillsboro Antique Mall and Cafe from time to time. Just like us, they enjoy a local service, and we are proud to take our place as the Pompano Beach whiplash chiropractor you can depend on for fantastic local service.

From the Hillsboro Inlet (and Lighthouse!) right out to the edges, where we almost touch Fort Lauderdale; we adore every nook and cranny… but it isn’t all fun and games. Last year saw 22 fatalities from car accidents in our beloved city; with a total of 52 injured parties involved overall. You can see the statistics for yourself over at City-Data – but we warn you, they aren’t very positive.

When placed side by side with the fatality rate for car accidents in Pompano Beach a whiplash injury actually seems like a bit of a relief. However, that doesn’t mean that your pain isn’t real, nor that you shouldn’t seek our whiplash treatments immediately after your car accident – no matter how minor or severe it may have been.

Appleton Chiropractic Center: Pompano Beach Whiplash Chiropractor of Distinction

If you happen to live in our area and need a Pompano Beach whiplash chiropractor then we are here for you. Our specialist car accident chiropractic service combines traditional practice with state-of-the-art modern technology like MLS Laser Therapy in order to get you the best treatment plans that you can possibly create. We want each of our patients that suffers from a whiplash injury to find the treatment that works for them – and quickly before any permanent damage is done.

So don’t leave it to chance, don’t think that your whiplash will go away on its own and don’t bury your head in the sand. Long term health problems await those who leave their whiplash untreated. There is no sense in taking a risk with your long term health by not seeking out treatment. A chiropractor can really help you to alleviate symptoms of whiplash caused by rear-end collision (or any other kind of car accident) and get you back to fighting fit as quickly as possible.

For the best chiropractors in Pompano Beach, Florida, check out our web page on MLS Laser Therapy – then check in for your first appointment. One thing is for certain – that this is a chiropractic treatment for whiplash that works quickly, So why wait for a second longer? Book online with our Dr. Appleton, Pompano Beach car accident chiropractor and get back to full health, right now!

If you have any questions about our services, please contact us today at (954) 973-0710.