The Benefits and Cost-Effectiveness of Chiropractic Care

In recent years, it’s fair to say that the educational journey for chiropractors has widened somewhat. Since these medical professionals aren’t interested in prescribing medication to patients, the training many years ago was focused mainly on natural healing, the anatomy, how different features of the body interact, and how the body can be adjusted. Today, it’s a very different story.

In truth, the education and training chiropractors receive is something akin to medical practitioners. After three years as an undergraduate in the basic sciences, they can spend four/five years at a specialized chiropractic college. With this in mind, it’s no surprise that the industry has been growing in recent years as more patients decide to try chiropractic care for their injuries.

Not only can chiropractors help with back pain, but research also suggests the efficacy of this type of treatment with a plethora of injuries relating to the spine including headaches, stress, and more. Today, we want to investigate the benefits and cost-effectiveness of chiropractic care. If you’ve wondered just how extensive the treatment can be, keep reading!


When the static nerve is damaged or pressured, this can cause pain down the back of the legs and in the lower back. Often, this problem is exacerbated with medication and poor treatment options. Fortunately, this is a specialized area for chiropractors who can relieve the pressure the sciatic nerve is under. Not only can this reduce the severity of pain, studies also show it can reduce the overall number of days that pain is felt.


When it comes to joint problems, pain, and tension, one of the most common causes is actually inflammation. Thankfully, there’s evidence that the adjustments performed by chiropractors are effective in reducing inflammation.

What does this mean? Well, depending on where the inflammation was experienced, it means a reduction in joint pain, lower back pain, and muscle tension. Furthermore, with reduced inflammation, patients can reduce their risk of the health problems associated with inflammation; this includes heart disease.

Chronic Lower Back Pain

In one study performed by R. Muller and LG. Giles, a number of patients experiencing lower back pain were split into three groups. While one would receive chiropractic care, another would be given medication and the final group would have needle acupuncture; the patients were required to have been experiencing pain for at least 13 weeks.

At the end of the study, the full recovery rate stood as follows;

  • Adjustments – 27%
  • Acupuncture – 9%
  • Medication – 5%

Additionally, short-term relief was much higher in the adjustment group compared to the other two groups.

As a Pompano Beach chiropractor, we know that both neck and lower back pain is common for people of all ages. While medication and surgery present a significant risk, a simple adjustment with an expert can take advantage of non-invasive means to achieve a similar end goal.

Blood Pressure

For those suffering with high blood pressure, research from the Human Journal of Hypertension suggests that a chiropractic adjustment could have a similar effect to some blood pressure medication. While blood pressure medication is known for side effects – including nausea, anxiety, and fatigue – the study showed that the effects of an adjustment could still be enjoyed six months after the event.


Considered a curvature of the spine, scoliosis can cause a wealth of problems such as breathing difficulties and a reduced range of motion. By combining chiropractic adjustments and physical therapy, not only can patients treat scoliosis but they can also prevent its progression too. Although its efficacy in treating scoliosis can vary, it’s still worth a discussion with your doctor (we think!).

Medical Costs

According to a study by M. Smith and M. Stano, those who have a chiropractic first-contact provider rather than a medical first-contact provider are able to reduce their medical expenses dramatically. In the study, the expenses of nearly 6,200 patients were examined and the averages came out as follows;

  • Chiropractic Care – $518
  • Medical Doctor – $1,020


Going back to the body, did you know that spinal problems and back pain can actually cause migraine headaches and tension? At this point, we have access to over 200 different studies that suggest the effectiveness of chiropractic adjustments in providing relief for headaches. By realigning the spine, the pressure is relieved and muscle tension reduces which benefits the neck and head more than you may think.

Neurological Conditions

With blood flow to the brain increasing, this leads to an increase in the flow of cerebral spinal fluid too. For those who suffer from epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, and other neurological conditions, adjustments can be a great help. Currently, research on this topic is ongoing but the industry is certainly excited about what this could mean for said conditions in the near future.

Other Benefits of Chiropractic

Just in case the benefits we’ve mentioned haven’t been enough to persuade you, chiropractic care can also provide an improvement to athletic performance (through reduced pain and inflammation), vertigo (by restoring a natural balance in the body), and even colic and acid reflux for children. Even for children who experience regular ear infections, the improvement in the ‘gut-brain connection’ can lead to a subsequent boost in the immune system.

As you can see, the value of chiropractic care is only increasing over time and ongoing studies could allow us to extend this list in the future!

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