When to See a Chiropractor After a Car Accident

Firstly, we’re sorry you or a loved one has had an accident. Car crashes are scary and will leave you reeling even if you walk away unharmed. The problem is, the adrenaline and shock that kicks in when you have a crash may cover up an injury and initial soreness until the next day. And what if you walked away unharmed but now you’re in pain, and you’re not sure if there’s anything wrong?

Often, it’s wise to book an appointment to see a car accident chiropractor. Why?

Any car crash will give you some form of whiplash. In a collision – even minor ones – your body is thrown in a direction it was unprepared for. This means your head, which is unsupported by your seatbelt, seat, or gripping the wheel, has whipped violently to one side. While painkillers may mask the pain and go some way to relieving inflammation, they won’t be able to restore your range of motion or check that everything is in alignment and will be able to heal properly.

A car accident chiropractor will check you over and make sure that no underlying injury can get worse and have long-lasting implications on your life. Even minor aches and pains can indicate that something isn’t right.

Here in Florida, you only have 14 days to see a doctor after a car accident if you want to take legal action. If you want the option to take legal action against the person who hit you, you need to see a doctor and get checked out, even if you’re not in pain. Sometimes, symptoms of injuries from a car crash are delayed, and you don’t want to be stuck later down the line if something appears.

This is also true of many insurance policies. Your insurance may not cover you if you wait, so book your first appointment now to avoid losing your benefits.

A car accident chiropractor can restore your range of motion and flexibility. It’s extremely common after a car accident to find that you no longer have a full range of motion in your neck and back. Before the car crash you could put your ear to your shoulder, but now you can’t move more than an inch to the left or right. The same can happen in your back – before you could reach your toes with your fingertips, whereas now you can barely reach your knees. A car accident chiropractor will work with you to restore your range of motion.

Prevention is key to ensuring you stay as healthy and mobile as possible after a car crash. Put yourself and your health first and book an appointment to see a car accident chiropractor as soon as possible. If you’re in the Pompano Beach FL area, we’re here to support you and help you make a full recovery.

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