What is Low-Level Light Therapy and How do Chiropractors Use It?

LLLT or Low-Level Laser Therapy is a type of medical therapy that uses lower powered LEDs or light emitting diodes to the top of the skin surface.

Different than the high-powered lasers most people might know that cut tissue, these lower level lasers are used to create better cell function within the body systems and relieve pain in certain parts of the body that it may be applied to, such as the back.

For this method to be useful in a chiropractic setting, it needs to be implemented at a certain wavelength for maximum effectiveness. Its most common usage is for pain management, a condition that is one of the leading offices visiting for any general practitioner or other care management team. The effects of pain on our bodies can be debilitating at times from something so mild as a sprained wrist or something that completely immobilizes us like whiplash or a broken bone.

People who suffer from certain conditions like Rheumatoid Arthritis or pain from a specific disease or ailment will find this type of therapy useful. In a chiropractic setting using this therapy for conditions of the musculoskeletal system, possibly carpal tunnel syndrome will find this treatment useful in the tailored treatment plan containing chiropractic adjustments, heat or cold therapy to the affected area and the use of a TENS machine.

A pain and drug-free form of therapy that can be used to aid in our body’s health, it only takes a few minutes to complete and can easily be implemented by the chiropractor in one session along with the use of the other therapies offered.

This type of therapy works to combat inflammation due to injuries throughout the body. Living life in general, no matter the age or gender can take its toll on our bodies. From the wear and tear of stress and anxiety, to exercise, errands, excessive daily schedule, and unforeseen injuries and chronic illnesses.

Research has been sketchy about the effectiveness of this technique to relieve pain and inflammation and rejuvenating the affected areas of the body that it treats. Clients however who visit a chiropractor will find it in alignment with the techniques and procedures they use to aid in the reduction of pain and inflammation and eventual recovery of the body from ailments, injuries and chronic pain in general.

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