What is Cold Laser Therapy and How Chiropractors Use It?

A specific form of LLLT or Low-Level Light Therapy, Cold Laser Therapy uses wavelengths of light to aid in the healing process within the body.

In a chiropractic setting, a trained clinician will use a hand-held device to the affected area, possibly the wrist. This device most often looks like a flashlight. For anywhere from half a minute to multiple minutes, the administrator holds the device to the affected area. Depending on how big the affected area is, they may move the device around a few times treating specific areas of injury or pain.

This device emits non-thermal photons of light to the body area into the various areas of the bodily skin. It has the potential to penetrate up to 5cm of skin affecting multiple areas within the body, depending on location.

As it reaches the area below the skin that is ailing, the light is absorbed by the affected tissue and begins its work at aiding in the healing process, fighting inflammation and providing recovery. This is like the process of photosynthesis in plants.

The theory behind this technique is that this energy provided by the light is absorbed into the area tissue and begins the healing process for many conditions. Potentially it can speed the healing process depending on the overall health of the person involved and their generic background, as well as the type of injury or condition they are being treated for.

This type of therapy has been used since the mid-1960s and there are many double-blind trials and studies into the validity of this form of medical treatments for use and effectiveness in aiding recovery from many conditions.

One area of research that might appear to need further clarification with regards to the use of cold laser therapy is the dosage. There appears to be no set standard for the dosage amount, allowing for each practitioner or clinician to administer a different dosage. This can have negative effects on the overall health and treatment of ailments that affect the body.

When we are suffering from pain and ailments which limit our usage of an area of the body, using alternative methods of treatment to aid in recovery are obvious to most of us. Whatever we can do to get ourselves back on our feet and living our life without discomfort and pain is the best treatment option available.

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