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A car crash accident can cause serious, long-term impacts on your health. Common injuries may include broken bones and emotional distress. While injuries like broken bones have obvious symptoms, what about injuries with subtler warning signs? To protect yourself from these potential problems, it’s recommended that you visit a car accident chiropractor after the accident. They will be able to use their extensive experience to help you recover from the crash. Let’s discuss some of the common injuries that they can help you with and some of the techniques that they use to help you overcome your pain.

First though, let’s briefly talk about how a car accident chiropractor might be able to spot injuries that the medical doctor has missed. Doctors use X-rays to examine patients after a car accident. However, X-rays can only examine bones, any soft tissue damage can’t be identified. In addition, adrenaline from the crash may mask some symptoms. So, while visiting a doctor after a car accident is essential, there might be some injuries that go undiagnosed. To help you recover from soft tissue damage, you might need to consult a chiropractor. Let’s look at some of the types of injuries that car accident chiropractors have been trained to treat.

You might experience several soft tissue damages because of a car accident. For example, one of the most common injuries is whiplash, which happens when your head moves violently from side to side. This may damage the neck. Another common soft tissue injury is back injuries. The force of a car crash may result in a change to your spinal alignment. Left untreated, this can cause significant mobility issues and can cause one to experience symptoms like headaches. Thankfully, a car accident chiropractor can help you overcome these issues, using a wide range of methods.

There is a range of techniques that chiropractors use to help correctly align their patient’s spine and relieve their pain. They may use massage to make sure that your spine and neck are properly aligned. They may also use MLS laser therapy to help you recover from soft tissue damage while relieving your pain. This new treatment is the cutting edge of laser treatment technology. It sends painless lasers into your skin, which trigger responses that cause your body to grow new cells to help you heal. It will also reduce the amount of pain that you experience. In addition, sessions usually only last for around eight minutes. The exact techniques that a chiropractor uses will depend on the individual patient and the severity of the injury.

After a car accident there are many things that you need to consider. For example, you need to think about whether the insurance company will cover your expenses. One thing that you shouldn’t be thinking about, however, is your health. To make sure that your soft tissue hasn’t been damaged, you might want to consult a local chiropractor in Pompano Beach. So, if you or someone you know has been involved in a car accident, contact a car accident chiropractor near you.

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