Inflammation can be triggered when you become injured or hurt as it is your body’s way of responding to injuries. Inflammation is a natural healing mechanism used to remove dangerous pathogens from the body. Inflammation can also be a result of having certain conditions such as Crohn’s disease, rheumatoid arthritis, and other chronic illnesses, or it can arise from certain lifestyles and diets. However, only when inflammation becomes chronic does it become an issue.

Your Pompano Beach chiropractor can help you alleviate symptoms of inflammation through a variety of treatments. The most common way to alleviate and reduce inflammation is through regular chiropractic adjustments. Adjusting and realigning your joints helps to improve blood circulation there and reduce inflammation.

Electronic stimulation can help to reduce inflammation and is a painless treatment method, which makes it a good choice for those already suffering with pain from chronic inflammation or chronic illness. Electronic stimulation works by releasing electronic pulses to stimulate your nerves and muscles.

Infrared sauna is effective for alleviating and reducing inflammation because it warms your joints, nerves, and muscles from the inside out. Infrared sauna can also promote blood circulation, increase the number of white blood cells, and relax your muscles.

Cold laser treatments are a non-invasive form of treating and relieving inflammation by working in the deep tissue.

As well as helping you relieve inflammation through treatments and adjustments, your Pompano Beach chiropractor can begin guiding you toward making lifestyle changes such as increasing your daily exercise and switching to an anti-inflammatory diet. Some of these inflammation-fighting foods may already be in your kitchen such as pineapple, ginger, and turmeric. Changing your diet can help reduce your inflammation and is an important factor when dealing with chronic inflammation.

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