Lower back pain affects millions of Americans and can be debilitating for sufferers of lower back pain. Lower back pain is the major reason for disability among working Americans. While some patients chose to go for surgery, chiropractic doctors are important because they offer treatment and pain management that is holistic, non-invasive, and surgery free.

Chiropractic doctors use three core areas of treatment when it comes to addressing lower back pain. Spinal manipulation, manual manipulation, and mobilization are the three core treatment types used by chiropractic doctors to relieve lower back pain. In all three forms of treatment, the ultimate goal is to restore and improve your range of motion and are commonly known as adjustments. Through these chiropractic treatments, your Pompano Beach chiropractic doctor will apply a certain amount of force to the joint and the amount of force will vary.

Spinal manipulation and manual manipulation uses high-speed, short lever arm thrusts to improve functionality, reduce nerve irritation, and improve range of motion. These chiropractic treatments may be administered manually or by a small device that will perform the adjustment.

Mobilization is a low-speed manipulation of the joints and muscles through stretching and movement while improving range of motion.

Generally, your Pompano Beach chiropractic doctor will prescribe a series of exercises or stretches to do at home to continue improving your range of motion as well as stretching of muscles and joints.

Besides spinal manipulation, chiropractic doctors employ a variety of other techniques including massages, hot and cold therapies, relaxation, electronic stimulation, ultrasound, and exercise.

Applying heat to your spine will help to relax your joints and muscles and consequently reduce your lower back pain.

Electronic stimulation helps relieve lower back pain by stimulating your nerves and muscles which will help ease lower back pain and improve range of motion.

Exercise is very important when looking to reduce your lower back pain, and your chiropractic doctor will be able to help you create a beginning exercise plan that is safe and will help ease your lower back pain.

If you are currently working, your Pompano Beach chiropractic doctor can teach you how to improve your posture and improve your ergonomic movement (I.e., how you walk, sit, lift) that will vastly improve and reduce your lower back pain. Since most lower back related pain is connected to muscle strain and injury more so than medical conditions learning how to reduce strain on your lower back is extremely important in preventing further strain and injury.

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