The Weekend Warrior, a man or woman who spends their time on the weekends being athletic and over extending themselves physically so that when they do return to the daily grind on Monday, they are exhausted, depleted and not running on all energy cells.

These men and women are often in the middle of their lives, 30’s to 50’s juggling a tremendous number of tasks, from families to careers and everything in between.  They were the typical highly athletic and fit youth that found life got away from them and they struggle daily to hold it all together while still trying to maintain who they are physically.

Often, we will find that these individuals now have too full a schedule during the week to tackle some of these tasks then or they are very sedentary at jobs that are sitting all day.  Come the weekend they might run errands, do yard work, bicycle with the kids, walk their dogs, clean the house, do their missed workouts, renovate the bathroom, and the list goes on.

Below is a list of 6 things that can be done to avoid the injuries that often follow this type of weekend.

Proper Rest

If you are planning on a full weekend, then at the very least get a good night sleep the night before so you will feel well rested.  Also keeping your sleep schedule on the weekend would be a good idea since all this activity will require extra sleep, sorry no late-night parties after the day you had.


First thing in the morning when you rise before you begin anything, maybe even before your first meal do some stretches to prime the body for the day ahead.  This is something that even a busy person can do first thing in the morning during the week.  Repeat your stretches again before bedtime to loosen your body before bed, possibly follow it with a few moments of meditation to center your body.

Chiropractic Care

Visiting your chiropractor and even your general doctor on a regular basis will help to keep your spine and body in proper alignment and health to better handle all you’re to dos on your agenda.  Explain exactly how you spend your days, week and weekend so they can instruct you on the best course of action for your body’s health.

Spread Out the Tasks

No one wants to hear that they are doing something wrong, but this type of lifestyle is known for being very hard on all parts of the body not just the joints, muscle and bones.  Therefore, choosing to spread out the tasks, leaving some free time open on the weekend will minimize injuries and aid in better overall health.

Pace yourself

Remember life isn’t a race to the finish unless you’re in a hurry to its end.  Taking frequent breaks and even choosing to skip a few activities on you days off isn’t going to hurt anything and when it comes time to do them you may find that your body performs a lot better.  When you pace yourself, you give your body a chance to build strength which aids less injuries in the long run.

Ice and Hot

After a strenuous activity, icing the area will help prevent swelling and injuries.  Also, at the end of the long active day taking a warm shower or bath will relax the body, letting go of the stiffness that can promote injuries as well

Whatever methods may be chosen, remember that no task is as important as the health of your body.  Use common sense and knowledge to prevent injuries from happening so when you want to do something you can, you’renot sitting on the couch miserable.

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